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About Support

According to IMO Guidelines under SOLAS Requirements, it should be conducted by the manufacturer's representative or a person appropriately trained and certified by the manufacturer for the work to be done.
We also need to instruct the operation and maintenance method for lifeboat to crews on board.

There are as our motto, "Trust and Safety with Nishi-F Technology"
We provide lots of knowledge and skill to inspectors all of the world through JSMQA or our own training, and which is always based on safety.

About Support for Lifeboat

Annual inspection for LIFEBOAT
Annual inspection for LIFEBOAT
5 yearly inspection for LIFEBOAT
5 yearly inspection for LIFEBOAT
Repair work for LIFEBOAT
Repair work for LIFEBOAT

Over 600 inspection orders per a year on our lifeboats. A large number of orders based on our good trustworthy relationship with our customers.
And our speedy response is accepted by needs.
Nishi-F provide the highly qualified inspection and maintenance service through our global service network.

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