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Company Profile

Comapany Image


Head office & Main factory
Address 4238 Awano. Hohoku-Cho, Shimonoseki-City Yamaguchi Pref. Japan
Postal code 759-5101
TEL +81-83-785-0126
FAX +81-83-785-0356
Obama factory
Address 2-2 Kawasaki. Obama-City Fukui Pref. Japan
Postal code 917-0081
TEL +81-770-52-3051
FAX +81-770-53-2712
Company Data
Started Since 1st November, 1971
Capital 50 Million Japanese Yen
Business Category FRP ship building, Fire Protected Lifeoat, Free Fall Lifeboat, Rescue Boat, High-Speed Boat, Consulting Design, Safety Inspection Service, FRP Ship Repair, General Fibre Reinforced Plastic, etc…

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